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תמונת השותפים

The founders of the company, Daniel Asseraf and Dror Igra, served in senior positions in the Prime Minister's Office of Israel over two decades with extremely rich managerial and professional experience, who during the complex projects they managed, developed unique and innovative methodologies that are a supplement that contributes to the quality and efficiency component in projects for public and private organizations. 

Our company was established out of a continuous and substantial gap in the control of managers in projects that are not at the core of the activities of large and small organizations, out of a desire to contribute to these organizations in improving their performance through project control and thus improve the effectiveness and business performance of the organization. 

The company has unique and innovative specializations and methodologies in project management and managing project knowledge and turning it into knowledge that produces business insights, alongside executing outsourced operational projects and accompanying organizations in maintaining functional continuity.

We will be happy to provide you with our extensive knowledge in the application of our methodologies in your projects in the field of operation, maintenance, construction and infrastructure.

Dror Igra

Co founder & COO 

דניאל אסרף
דרור אגרא

Daniel Asseraf

Co founder & CEO 

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