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Modern Architecture

project initiation and design

Program Development

A comprehensive program in the world of construction and infrastructure consists of three key components:

  • Master Planning Program (a program that enables future prediction and construction in accordance with organizational workflows).

  • Functional/Systems Program (a program that allows integration of the organization's operational concepts and the required systems effectively).

  • Final Program (a program that will be executed after customer approval of the master planning program in the architectural field).

We specialize in crafting a dynamic program where, even in the initial stages of the project, it's possible to foresee the future in areas related to organizational structure, operational perceptions, budget implications during and after the project, and more. This assists decision-makers in making the most appropriate choices for the project.

Donor Portfolio 

"Our company has experience in creating a contributor's portfolio for various projects. Within it, the main aspects of the project are detailed in terms of the ethical and conceptual vision, utilizing advanced graphical means and computer-generated simulations, which constitute an integral part of the early planning stages.

Concurrently with the contributor's portfolio, a parent plan is executed, allowing the client to gain an initial understanding of the envisioned goal, along with all the implications arising from it (budget, timeline, etc.), and the ability to plan the project in different stages according to the organization's workflows."

Analysis of Budgetary Costs and L.C.C.

In our company, we are developing a unique model that allows, already during the creation of the project's initial program/parent plan, to envision the future within a comprehensive framework of organizational and economic parameters, both during the project's establishment phase and throughout its first decade of existence. This is intended to enable the client to make significant decisions prior to implementation and, if necessary, to generate alternatives and solutions that will facilitate the course of action according to the client's needs and capabilities.

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