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Modern Architecture

Engineering Management and Supervision

Project Management

Our company provides management, coordination, and supervision services, as well as construction economics services for construction and infrastructure projects. Each of our projects is personally led by one of the company's owners through a professional team. This team includes a senior project manager, skilled professionals, and experienced supervisors who work collaboratively, executing sub-project tasks concurrently with close on-site supervision.

We will manage your project for you from the conceptual stage to successful completion, offering a range of services while preserving client requirements at the project's core.

Additionally, we handle customized work packages within existing projects according to client demands.

Project Planning

During the planning stages, we are focusing on the following topics:

Planning - mapping, structuring, measurements, and ground tests.

Budgeting - preparing budget estimates for the project and operational expenses already in the initiation stage, and updating them during the project.

Timelines - creating schedules for both preliminary and detailed planning and monitoring project timeline pragmatically.

Integration - managing and coordinating the planning of all planners and consultants in the project while maintaining client requirements.

Engineering Supervision

The main operations of the engineering supervision teams:

  • Planning management and coordination across all involved factors

  • On-site supervision of task execution

  • Timeline management

  • Budget control and approval of accounts

  • Handling deviations

  • Continuous client updates through dedicated dashboards

  • Project deliverables documentation

  • Management of handovers and inspection periods

Knowledge Management in  Projects

Throughout the course of the project, a substantial amount of meaningful information has been accumulated, which holds critical significance for the client across various aspects.

We will establish an integrated information dashboard for you, which will manage the project-related information and transform it into business insights, aimed at strengthening project control and enhancing its business outcomes. This will be achieved through the utilization of a unique methodology that we have developed, embedded within advanced technological tools.

The implementation of our specialized knowledge management system within the organization, facilitated by expert knowledge desk professionals, will enable the collection of information from all relevant sources and the conversion of raw data into integrated knowledge that generates value for the organization and improves project outcomes.

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