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Modern Architecture


Supplementary Project Operation Services

As the completion of a construction or infrastructure project approaches, the client is required to carry out complementary operational processes. These include:

  • Transitioning the organization from the existing site to the new site.

  •  Procurement and contracts for products (such as furniture, etc.) and services (such as cleaning, maintenance, catering) in the fields of logistics, technology, and security.

  • Formulating operational concepts and operational work processes.

  • Conducting integration days and simulations before the transition to ensure successful organizational functioning.

  • Ensuring continuous functionality of critical organizational systems.

These are complex processes that require managerial attention and professional expertise.

This is where we come into the picture - equipped with a skilled and experienced operational and technological team, composed of top-notch professionals. With their assistance, we will create an optimal operational framework, starting from identifying the client's needs and aligning them with a functionally tailored operation according to its scale. This process will extend to the move to the new structure and its actual population.

Planning and Management of Outsourcing Operations Projects

Many growing companies and organizations lack the logistical and operational capabilities required to execute complex, short-term or long-term logistical and operational projects. As a result, external operational support is necessary to ensure the success of the project, such as outsourcing.

We specialize in rapid and focused analysis of the operational and project needs of the organization, managing the project while integrating all project factors, and providing direct reporting to the organization's management. This preserves the organization's control over the project and enhances its efficiency.

Operations Leasing For Startups

Start-up companies are in constant growth, therefore they need to maintain a high level of business focus, while concurrently developing operational mechanisms that will support the company's expansion. Companies at this stage usually lack the knowledge, time resources, and specifically the professional and experienced personnel for managing the necessary operations and facilities during this critical phase of the company's lifecycle.

We will accompany the company throughout the entire process and provide comprehensive operational services with maximum efficiency and minimal time, ensuring that the company remains centered on its growth. Offering a 360° solution for all the company's operational and facilities needs through our professional and experienced team, who will manage all activities starting from overseeing the fitting and renovation of your new offices, and your transition to them, through ongoing logistical management, all the way to managing the relocation to the new branch in New York. We will execute all of this with utmost efficiency and within a short timeframe.

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