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Office relocation project

The dream

As tWhen it comes to an office relocation project management - a project that everyone should and wants to be excited about, it is important to make the experience positive, to take into account the investment required in appointing a professional and experienced project manager and to avoid as much as possible turning the dream into a nightmare, thus ensuring the company effective and efficient functional continuity and entering the new tabernacle with the right foot.

The challenge

When it comes to managing the company's office relocation project, the process is long and complex (between six months and years...) which requires the writing of a functional program that requires the management of many professional consultants, planners, supervisors and contractors, and as a result a great deal of managerial attention is required to connect the company's dream with reality We will meet her at the end.
Naturally, the client (employee/manager who received the task in the organization) often loses control of the project due to his natural need to engage in the management of his current tasks and his lack of knowledge in managing operational projects such as this and it is no wonder that they are always surprised when they meet the final result!

The solution

We will accompany the company all along the way and provide comprehensive operational services with maximum efficiency and minimum time in order for the company to remain focused on its growth.
We will provide a comprehensive response to all the operations and facilities needs of the company through a professional and experienced team of our company, which will manage all the activities for you, starting with the management of the adaptation and renovation project of your new offices and your transfer to them, through the ongoing logistics, holding orientation days for the company's employees before occupancy and managing the relocation to the new branch whether in Israel or abroad. We will do all this with maximum efficiency and in a short time.

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